Combilyzer 13

Urinalysis system for semi-automated processing of urine test strips. Combilyzer13 is compatible with Combina 13 test strips. For small to medium volume laboratories

For Combina 13 urine test strips only
Photoelectric colorimetry test principle
Throughput: 60 samples/h (standard mode), 120 samples/h (fast mode)
Calculates albumin-to-creatinine ratio
Flags for abnormal results
Onboard storage of 1,000 results
Conventional, arbitrary and SI units
Barcode reader for test strips and samples
Built-in thermal printer
Serial port for unidirectional connection with LIS; port for external Printer
Onboard service & system diagnose tools

Combina 13

Urine test strips with 1..13 parameters, with comprehensive urinary profile including microalbumin & creatinine. 100 tests/pkg

• Glucose
• Ketones
• pH
• Protein
• Nitrite
• Specific gravity
• Urobilinogen
• Bilirubin
• Blood (hemoglobin, erythrocytes)
• Leukocytes
• Ascorbic acid
• Microalbumin
• Creatinine

Specially suited for first time urine testing – no need for timed collection
Albumin-to-creatinine ratio automatically calculated by Combilyzer13
Semi-quantitative visual reading for all parameters at 60 seconds
For visual reading and automated analysis on Combilyzer13